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Twitter Updates for 2010-07-06

Posted by Mihir Lakhani | Posted in status | Posted on 06-07-2010


  • In Mumbai, it is Sena Vs MNS http://bit.ly/aUzXEe #
  • FM rules out fuel price hike rollback http://bit.ly/dhxBF4 #
  • U got aDream U gotta protect it. ppl can’t do sumthin themselves, they wana tell U Ucan’t do it. If U wnt sumthin GOgetit. Period.Will Smith #
  • “The greatest achievement was at first, and for a time, but a dream.” –Napoleon Hill #
  • @AshishM2 nope dude in reply to AshishM2 #
  • @R113 GM sir :) @Shakti_Shetty @hardik :) @subhadra_72 thank you :) #
  • U cnt look at the bright side of things during a god damn Eclipse!!But U cnt look inside heart of sun w/out a god damn Eclipse!! #
  • RT @PritishNandy: This fuel price rise is nonsense. How much of the price we pay for fuel is actually taxes, thats the real issue. #
  • +1 @PritishNandy my point 2 @chetan_bhagat If fuel price is deregulated n not crazily taxed, petrol will B 20Rs/ltr @ current crude prices #
  • thr R 3 types of ppl in ths world:those who make things happen, those who watch things happen & those who wonder wht happened @radhikananda #
  • Girls !! Everything u do in life starts after ROI Analysis. Except Shopping #
  • +1 RT @MusicmanMihir: @teatattler @mihirlakhani @Grnut @khushikiduniya @yearning4d_sky @skyn3t @ideasmithy Not a bad idea :) #