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Twitter Updates for 2010-08-13

Posted by Mihir Lakhani | Posted in status | Posted on 13-08-2010


  • Lyf is drm realize it.Lyf is chlnge meet it.Lyf is strugle acpt it.Lyf is tragedy cnfrnt it.Lyf is 2precus dnt destry it.Lyf iz lyf fght 4it #
  • @MusicmanMihir read on FB :P http://www.facebook.com/mihirlakhani in reply to MusicmanMihir #
  • The sun vl break out, D music wil play & U vl finaly B able2move fwd in yr Lyf tht GOD intended 4 U w/ grace, strength, courage & confidence #
  • y do we close R eyes when v pray, when v cry, when v kiss, when v dream. b/c D most beautiful things in life Rnt seen, bt felt only by heart #
  • @s4sukhdeep @shanu8 Happy Birthday !! :-) #
  • yeye yippi shopping spree … #
  • @nidhisurana @_nwaz @subhadra_72 hello girls !! as expected u thought i went shopping the way u do. :P no no no #
  • @nidhisurana @_nwaz @subhadra_72 i started shoppingg last night and finished today … … 25 domains ;) #
  • RT @PriyaFlorence: RT @bloggertone Why Content Is King: The Tempt Not Tease Approach | Marketing http://bit.ly/cimd8M #
  • Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying #
  • RT @sandtree: Recognize your patterns and break them. #Satyaquotes #
  • When 1 door of happiness closes, another opens; but oftn we look so long at the closed door that we dnt C the 1 which has bn opened 4 us #
  • @s4sukhdeep :) in reply to s4sukhdeep #