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Twitter Updates for 2010-09-15

Posted by Mihir Lakhani | Posted in status | Posted on 15-09-2010


  • ‘Graph Your Inbox’: A Side Of Gmail You’ve (Probably) Never Seen Before http://bit.ly/cejEF4 #
  • Saying “RSS Is Dead” Is Dead, Saying “RSS Is Not Dead” Is Not — Today. http://bit.ly/cfLnsN #
  • What Is It You Do? The Need For Simplicity http://bit.ly/9fZrwh #
  • Sensex zooms 409 points to reclaim 19k peak http://bit.ly/d8hFI2 #
  • Success and excuses don't work together. If you have excuses forget success.If you want success don't give excuses! #